Our Mission Focus

Pandastic Designs manage and organize busy lives to be more comfortable, easy, simple, and balanced.  We believe when time is not in our hands and life is on the go, we can create an easier method so you can send an e-Card PDF to anyone by e-mail.  Also, having a notebook that keeps you inspired to achieve goals and helps you stay organized to complete your tasks for the day. For piano studies, we believe in a productive way to help you learn the foundation of music knowledge and how to play the piano with piano theory one book at a time. A more affordable music education without needing to search near and far and not knowing where to begin learning. 

What We Can Do For You

We created an online shop for your needs in daily life (e-Books/paperback books, greeting cards, and stationery).  We serve to piano teachers looking for new material to teach their students and help them succeed in their lessons or certificate exams and for piano students who are searching for methods to improve their piano practices, techniques, and knowledge.  Also for anyone who enjoys music and interested to learn how to play the piano.  If you need any help or have questions, we are here for you!  Our customer service can provide you answers and solutions. 

Piano / Theory / Musicianship (e-Books and paperback books):  piano tutorials, piano song books/piano theory books/piano activity books, and music education resources.

Notebooks and Notepads:  to help people with busy lives feel inspired to be organized in their daily tasks and write goals for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Graphic Designs:  Edit photos (JPEG files), photography/illustrations/artwork (hand drawings or digital drawings), (design and edit) catalogues in PDF files, logos, stationery, greeting cards “5 x 7”,
post cards “5 x 7”, and “8.5 x 11” newsletters/posters/letterheads. 


About the Founder of Pandastic Designs

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