Recommendation: Piano Books for Teachers/Students


Recommendation of other piano books for anyone of all ages who are interested to learn to play the piano with technical training and reading music notes in the beginner level to grade 2 piano:


A Dozen A Day
 by Edna-Mae Burnam piano books are excellent for piano teachers to teach beginner level students with fingering techniques and hand positions as they learn to read the music notes. I teach this piano book and other A Dozen A Day books to all my beginner level and grade 1 to 3 piano students, which they loved it.  Easy, fun, and exciting to learn more songs to play on the piano!  


This is a very good piano theory book that teaches beginner level to grade 1 piano students on note reading, drawing notes on the music staff, writing time values and key signatures, and learning the basic music terms.  I teach this piano theory book to my beginner level students and their piano knowledge becomes excellent progress. I recommend this book to anyone (piano teachers, students, or anyone who is interested to learn about piano theory). 

Piano Theory: Level One (A Programmed Text)
by David Carr Glover and Mary Elizabeth Clark