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If you have searched near and far for piano tips, information, lessons, guidance and found nothing but stress, Pandastic Piano Activity Book 1 (Beginner Level) is the perfect book for you!  The contents on each page will bring you abundance of more value than anything you have ever seen.




(e-Book) Pandastic Piano Activity Book 1 (Beginner Level)         |   Price:  $10.00 CAD

(Paperback) Pandastic Piano Activity Book 1 (Beginner Level)  |  Price:  $15.00 CAD       


  • Paper size “8.5 x 11” inches
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF file) for E-Book
  • 31 Pages
  • Piano theory, piano games, music math, draw/write/read music notes, music time values chart, sight reading clap rhythm, and a surprise piano song.
  • This piano activity book will give you the foundation of piano theory/musicianship knowledge and skills in the beginner level.  May this be the beginning of your music journey. Enjoy! 
  • e-Book design layout can be printed out on regular paper.